Tough Choices Have To Be Made

As many of you know, I bought a new house back in April. I am still trying to sell my condo after 14 months. This market in Denver just isn’t moving. As of this past Friday, I am officially broke, and am looking at a difficult road ahead maintaining the mortgage on two places. I gambled with buying the house that the condo would have sold long ago. I have had the benefit of other sources of income coming in over the past summer (working on a book, selling my old car, and a part-time job).

I am having to come up with an extra $700 a month to keep the condo from being in default. So it is with great sadness that I am announcing that my Dual 2gig g5 tower Mac is officially for sale. I have made some upgrades to it over the years, it has 1 gig of RAM, a DVR video card in it, and 256 meg video card from ATI in it. I am asking $1700 for it. For the exact specs on the g5 model I am selling, visit here.

If you know anyone who is interested, please have them contact me at I am working on getting it all backed up, and cleaned up, and should have it ready to sell by mid to end of week.

This will give me another 2 months leverage for the condo to sell before I have to take more drastic measures. I do hope that it doesn’t have to come to that. I have re-listed the condo with a new agent. Jeff Pearson with Keller Williams is my new agent. His phone is 303-539-5700 if you know anyone interested. Their website is here, the MLS # is 443206.

I ask that everyone please keep Dan and I in their thoughts, as we enter these tough months ahead. I will be looking to find as much OT as possible here at work, or a PT job if the OT isn’t there. Thanks for listening.


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