Blond, James Bond

Well, the Blond Bond-Shell is finally on the big screen! Daniel Craig makes his debut as the legendary spy hero James Bond today. I have just returned from the movie, a lengthy 2 hours 24 minutes, and I must say, Bond is BACK! I have certainly enjoyed the past four films with Pierce Brosnan, but Craig has taken Bond back to his ego-centric roots in the movie that starts Bonds career.

Casino Royale opens with stark black and white scene showing just how he earns his Double-O rating. Stripped of all the fanciful Q gadgets in this film, he gets his job done through his fist and his gun. This film harkens back to the early days of just what makes Bond great. Like Connery, Craig, brings an edginess to the character that has been somewhat lacking in later incarnations. We also get to see a vulnerable side of Bond that helps to explain just why he is the way he is.

As in the past 4 movies, Judi Dench has once again proven that she was indeed the right choice for M. She has some of the best scenes in the movie. She has the perfect balance of properness fitting a lady, while having the “balls” to perform the job she does.

I am very excited to see where Craig takes this incarnation of Bond in however many he signs on for. He has certainly made Casino Royale one of the must see Bond films of all time! I applaud the producers for being able to strip it back down to the basics without all the flash, and still make a highly entertaining film!

My only gripe would have been to find a way to cut the film down to 2 hours. Towards the end it started to feel like it was never going to end. It’s just such a long adrenaline rush for such a long period, that you leave exhausted. So in the end I give Casino Royale an A-.


3 comments on “Blond, James Bond

  1. …And the theme is boring and there were no nekid ladies floating around the credits. GEEZ!

    I loved it, too. Cameron, Aaron & I saw it Friday morning since we all had the day off. It was outstanding. I loved the simple and beautiful action choreography of the construction area scene.

  2. My boyfriend, who is a huge fan of Bond, finds it unfathomable that I find Daniel Craig to be rather sexy. I’m not a huge Bond fan – I dip in and out, and feel able to loathe or love the various films – but I thought from the start that Craig would be a good Bond akin to Connery, who is my personal favourite. I always thought the campaign against him on the basis of his hair colour was rather pathetic and unfair.

    I haven’t seen the film yet but agree the theme stinks. Scissor Sisters ‘Land of a Thousand Words’ is a better candidate and they make it that much more so with the video! Then, I thought the only good thing about ‘Die Another Day’ was Madonna’s theme song, which loads of people savaged. Doesn’t make them right, of course… x

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