Well, I Didn’t Have It This Bad, But…

sink_hole_truck.pngI would like to take the time to thank the Good Samaritan that stopped this morning to help get my truck out of it’s predicament! I feel bad because once I got going I didn’t stop to thank you because I was afraid of getting stuck again!

I was trying to get out of the way of a car turning on to the street I was on, and slid right into the curb and was straddled on the corner of the intersection. I sat there for 10 minutes trying to get out, but every time I started to make headway, I’d have to stop to avoid oncoming traffic, which just seemed to get me more stuck.

Finally, a gentleman in a huge Hummer stopped and asked if I was stuck… He was from the mountains and is used to pulling people out of the snow, so he had a tow rope in his truck. He hooked up to my bumper pulled me right out, and I was back on the road. So to whoever you were in the big Champagne colored Hummer… THANK YOU for your help this morning! I will stop talking ill of Hummers now, as long as the owner has reason to have one! No soccer moms though! That’s right out!


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