I Am Still Shaking!

So this morning, I was headed to work down southbound I-25. I had just passed the 6th Avenue exit when a car cut me off causing to slam on my breaks. I was worried because the car behind me had been tailgating me, so I was watching my rearview mirror to make sure she didn’t hit me…

Next thing I knew, I saw a Semi, the kind that haul large amounts of lumber that are like 40 ft. long, loose control in the northbound lane. It started swinging right and cars were going everywhere, he tried getting it under control, but over compensated and the rear end started swinging around the other way.

Then, like a scene out of Speed, the semi crashed into the concrete barrier, taking out a 20 ft chunk of the wall and sent it flying into the southbound oncoming traffic.The semi jumped like 10 ft in the air over the barrier it had just busted, and came crashing down and bounced a few times.

I am very thankful to be alive right now! If I hadn’t been exiting the next exit, I would have been in the lane he came crashing down on! I was literally 2 lanes from being crushed under his wheels. It’s now been more than an hour since it happened, and I am still shaking, and can’t even get composed for work right now!

This if quite frankly the scariest moment I have ever experienced in my life, even more so than my major accident I had when I was 16! Obviously, given all that was happening, I had some sort of guardian watching over me to navigate through all that untouched!


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