I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas… Here it is!


So, today has been quite the blizzard… Hasn’t quite matched the storm of 2003 yet, but I have a feeling it will. Last measurement was 17” here in Aurora. But at a rate of six inches every six hours, and no signs of it letting up, we should easily be at two feet by morning. Add the wind in the mix, and we have snow drifts in our backyard of three to four feet.

I have been putting in major overtime at one of centers that has been really short staffed this holiday season, and tonight was one of those nights I was supposed to work. I was really not looking forward to being out in this weather more than I needed to be. I had been waiting around at my facility for word as to wether they needed me or not.. News came at noon that all Denver area FedEx Kinko’s were closing at 2pm… So I was out that door faster than a speeding bullet! I stopped at Papa Murphey’s for some take home pizza for dinner… and was home by 2pm. It was a long drive home! But unlike the last storm, there was no getting stuck for me… Even with Aurora’s poor road maintenance.

Anyway, in honor of the upcoming holiday, I have created a holiday music mix for all to share. I have added some of the more memorable clips from Christmas Vacation throughout, so I do warn that parts are a tad vulgar! But do enjoy! I shall be posting the song list to the Waking Up With Morning Song blog. And to all, I wish a very Happy Holiday to you all… May it be filled with snow, but not too much as we are seeing! 😉


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