Snowed In!!!


So Dan and I took advantage of today to have some fun in the snow while we waited for the snow to quit! It is finally blue skies out now, and I might be able to return to work tomorrow. Here are some pictures of our adventures today. Thanks to the neighbor kid Sergio for helping with shoveling the driveway! He volunteered to do it for free, but we gave him and his family some spaghetti and ground turkey to make some dinner and a little cash! He seemed really happy to help out!

It’s had been a lot of fun, I haven’t been able to play in the snow like this for a very long time! Hope everyone else in the Denver area got to enjoy today off! The picture above is my snowman from today’s fun! You can see Dan’s decapitated bloody snowman in the background!

I have posted more pictures for you to see here.


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