Happy New Year!!!

So the New Year is upon us. And the past few weeks have been quite eventful with all the snow here in the Denver Metro Area. Many areas are still trying to dig out from the Big “Holiday Blizzard of 2006.” and the Sequel a week later. All total, we got well over 3 feet of snow between the two. That brought our snow total for this season, to well over the total snowfall for the entire 2005-06 season! and it’s only just January now. March is usually our snowiest month! I do hope this means no drought this next summer! I do hope that the snow melts soon enough that they come get our trash soon!

pastedgraphic.pngThis humorous photo was found on MacDailyNews.com. Apparently Costco has found a use for all the Zune’s that are apparently not flying out the door! They are using the display to put their iPod inventory on top! Talk about adding insult to injury to the failing Zune!

For the holidays this year, we invited my mom and her roommate as well as our friend Lorne over for Christmas Eve. My first year where I had a space large enough to set up a Christmas Tree! And the cats didn’t even attack it! I learned that I am starting to pick up this whole cooking gig, as Dan had to work, so I was put in charge of making the stuffed shells for dinner. It was a hit, and everyone like them, so I guess I am getting there finally!

On Christmas morning, Dan and I headed up to his sister’s for some time with his family, where he received his big present for Christmas! His mom and I worked very hard to keep it a secret as he is a hard one to surprise! My mom, Lorne, Dan’s mom, and I went in on getting Dan a Nintendo Wii! The blizzard really helped sell the whole thing, as it made it a lot more believable that nobody’s gift would make it on time for Christmas. I only wish I had been able to get a picture of the shock on his face when he opened his gift! He had only just before been bragging to his nephew that he would have to come down to our house in February when he got his tax refund to come play his Wii! I finally got to see the face I had hoped to see a few years ago when I gave him his laptop for his birthday.

We then went to my Cousin’s house in Parker for dinner. It was a very nice dinner, even if we didn’t get to sit at the kids table where they were having more fun!

I got some nice things for Christmas, a few rare Erasure CDs (well, I will be getting them, if Howard and I can ever coordinate it!), the dock and remote for my iPod so I can pause rewind, etc when we are watching movies and tv shows from my iPod! I also got some iTunes cash as well as Amazon cash, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest on DVD. Thanks to all for the wonderful presents!

The rest of the holiday for me was spent being completely addicted to Dan’s Wii, which for me is amazing, I have never really been totally hooked on video games, but I think the Wii has solved my biggest issue with them, and that is simply that I never really felt a sense of interaction with the game, just simply trying to figure out which combination of buttons to push! The extra dimension of the Wii remote being motion sensitive, making things more lifelike, like bowling. It really helps with the fact that I have always been one of those players that thrashes the controller around wishing it would respond to my motions to help me play better!

Finally for New Year’s we went to a great party at Matt2’s and Leslie’s! Thank you for a great party, and a wonderful way to ring in the New Year! Thanks to the girl who went around taking polaroids of all the couples at midnight!

Here’s hoping that everyone else’s holiday went well, and that you have a great 2007! I will work at getting back on a regular blogging schedule as best as possible! And be looking for all the wonderful announcements from Apple next week at MacWorld San Fran!


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