Top 10 2006 Annoyances!!!


Well, the Tag game continues… Howard hit me with this Meme game that has been making the rounds. Here are the top 10 things that annoyed me about 2006, in particular order! I was going to put George W. Bush on here, but he has been and will continue to be an annoyance of mine!

10. The disappointment I had when leaving Superman Returns. 😦

9. While it was indeed pretty, The Holiday Blizzard would have to be one of my annoyances, that is apparently going to go into 2007! Still making it difficult to get around, it has slowed things down all over the city!

8. Tom Cruise! Need I say more!?!?

7. The fact that the King of burgers just won’t die! They keep bringing him back, again and again, and again, and again, and again….

6. Wal-Mart’s On and Off again support for the gay community! Apparently we are too controversial for them!

5. No Vacation this year… Granted it was mostly because of buying the house… But for the first time in a long while, I did not get to go out of town for any vacation in 2006! Oh, how I missed visiting other amusement parks this year!

4. The uncertain future of what is to happen to Elitch’s! At this point, I know it will be open again this season, but nobody knows just under who’s realm! Please let it be Herschend (Dollywood’s owners)! Down with Six Flags!

3. Colorado still being the hate state!

2. Hypocritical Clergy! With a rash of outed pastors here in Colorado, all whom have been fighting to oppress all those of us whom they secretly are, it’s well past due that the church’s loose their grip on this country!

And finally…
1. Condo Still For Sale! Here it is 16 months after putting the condo up for sale, and 8 months since moving into the house, and still…. No Sale! I will probably be dropping the price once more in hopes of selling it soon! (btw, the the MLS # is 443206)

And with that, I pass the torch to Dan! 😉


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