Weekly Blog-O-Sphere Tid-Bits – January 5, 2007


Well, it’s been a bit since I last did a Weekly Tid-Bit… 2 months to be exact. So I though I should try and bring back the feature! Some of these are a few weeks old, I just missed them earlier.

So let’s start of with a bit of humor from Life After Coffee, and a video of a fun little accessory for your computer.

Howard has given a nice sampler of his favorite music of 2006 at The Web Pen.

Andy at the Spicy Cauldron brings attention to another hateful movement by the religious right wanting to legally discriminate against homosexuals.

Scott-O-Rama has given his blog a cool new makeover. Nice Job!

Fastlad has posted a hilarious spoof of Brokeback Mountain!

Rob over at Rob’s Stuff has another fun video of a training class for fatties.

My friend, Lorne, has sent me a link to a site with pictures of homemade “Cars” inspired pictures.

Well, I guess that’s it for this week… Hope everyone is enjoying the new year! We are in the midst of our 3rd week in a row of being pummeled with snow… And supposedly another on it’s way next week.


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