Make Up Your Mind!


Well, the confusion is back again. After being excited about Cingular’s aquisition of AT&T Wireless a few years ago, it appears I am back with AT&T again.

So, here is how it went down… In 2004, AT&T Wireless was bought by Cingular. This made me happy, as I wasn’t thoroughly happy with AT&T’s service. Enter Jack, the bouncy little Cingular guy! Bringing better mobile service, rollover minutes, and better phones! Well, the other half of AT&T then aquired half of SBC, the owners of Cingular. Then this month, the FCC approved the complete take over of Bell South by AT&T. So now, Cingular is no more, and I am once again AT&T.

They assure us that they are not the same AT&T we used to know, and I hope that is true… But I like Cingular’s name, and their logo much better! I liked Howard’s idea, that Jack be imprisoned in the AT&T bars!

Here’s hoping that they are correct about being better than I remembered. It would be a shame if Apple’s new iPhone is released to AT&T’s service, and not have the reputation that Cingular had!


4 comments on “Make Up Your Mind!

  1. Thanks Scott! Yeah, your first visit was maybe only a few hours after creating the new site. I was at work so I didn’t have a lot of time to play with the layout much.

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