The Rose Report: It’s Back!


I tried to start this feature in my old blog last year, but kind of forgot to continue it. But, it is back. I don’t guarantee a weekly feature like I originally promised though. I have brought the original one over to this blog for those interested.

Mind you, the most embarassing part of this story was my age… I was home for Winter break from college my freshman year, and my mom was out. A friend of her’s had called to let her know that she had got their tickets to go see Les Miserables.

So, I write up a message for my mom and leave it on the table. She gets home that evening, and reads my message. She comes looking for me, and asks, what is this message? I told her that her friend had called to tell her she had received their tickets for that musical… My mom starts laughing, “Oh, you mean Les Miserables?”

What did my message say? “Lame as a Robin!” This was before I knew much about musicals. 🙂


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