Bigger than Celine Dion!

This morning on the Mix 100 morning show, they interviewed a celebrity that any of you who shop at King Soopers or other grocery stores would know. After hearing her while on a trip to Texas, Dom was interested in interviewing her, so they tracked her down.

Her name is Lori, and she is the Self-Scan Lady at the U-Scan station at Kroeger stores all across the country, and apparently the world. In her interview, she revealed that she is Canada’s #1 recording artist, because she is the most heard voice around the world. Making her bigger than Celine Dion as a recording artist.

You can listen to her interview here:

I am happy to have figured out how to get audio content on here… now if I can just figure out how to get my own content up.


2 comments on “Bigger than Celine Dion!

  1. You need a place to store the files where anyone can get to them via the Internet for one. I can try and help you with this, you know. 🙂 Just not right now. I feel like crap.

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