T.R. Knight’s Interview on Ellen – UPDATED

Although, I have never seen Grey’s Anatomy… I have heard much about the unfortunate “name calling” that happened. You can really tell how much it hurt T.R. when it happened, and how much he respects people like Ellen who have paved the way for making coming out, just a little bit easier for people.

UPDATE: Isaiah Wasnhington has publicly apologized for his gay slur against T.R. Knight. He has agreed that what he said was wrong in any context, and has said that he will meet with GLAAD to apologize to the gay community, and show that he plans to help make ammends for the pain he has caused.

I say, good for him, as long as he means it, and isn’t just doing this to save his job!


One comment on “T.R. Knight’s Interview on Ellen – UPDATED

  1. I still do not understand this kind of unfortunate behavior in the ENTERTAINMENT industry. With its history and reputation, I’d say some closet cases may be the culprits.

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