Robbie Williams – She’s Madonna

This is one of my favorite tracks off of Robbie William’s Rudebox album. This song was co-written with the Pet Shop Boys. Look for Alexis Arquette, as she makes an appearance in this video.


6 comments on “Robbie Williams – She’s Madonna

  1. Yeah, most of the album isn’t as good as past stuff, but there are a few tracks like this that stand out. I also find it funny that he seems to like to reference Millennium in a lot of his videos.

  2. It’s a bizarre choice for a single. I much prefer Viva Life on Mars. Howard’s right, the album is mediocre although I love The 80s and The 90s for their autobiographical obviousness.

    You wouldn’t think he hasn’t really cracked the US market reading you guys talking about him from time to time. He was on TV recently, in a two-part documentary written by and presented by Stephen Fry and all about the manic (bipolar disorder) depression he and Robbie have in common.

    Fry–who I also think is fantastic–interviewed Robbie at his home in LA, and the former boy wonder was as frank and up-front as Fry about his battles with mental health issues that he used drugs and drink to mask and self-medicate.

    My opinion of both went up after watching that. I think they were brave in trying to help others and address all the disinformation that exists about the condition. x

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