Weekly Blog-O-Sphere Tid-Bits – January, 27, 2007

It was the triumphant return of Heroes on Monday! Finally! The first series on NBC to catch my attention in a long time!!!

This week, I want to start off with a rant from Scott-O-Rama, that rings true with me. Don’t people realize Christmas was more than a month ago? Oh, and Scott, congrats on the Weblog award nomination… Everyone go vote for him under the best glbt blog category!

Andy at the Spicy Cauldron has a great story about a visit from Cat’s past!

Robguy has a great list of the Top 8 morons of 2006!

I seem to have started a second phase of the trend of moving to wordpress. My boyfriend Dan, has abandoned his old blog for the more user friendly wordpress! Now if Dan would just start posting again!

Howard crossed the 400th post mark with this great story about his childhood!

Greg at Out in Hollywood has a great post of an interview with Zach Braff from Scrubs.

Well, I guess that about does it for this week’s edition… Enjoy!


4 comments on “Weekly Blog-O-Sphere Tid-Bits – January, 27, 2007

  1. Thanks for the mention! I do like this theme you’re using… I have fond geek memories of getting to grips with it, as it was the first one I used with WP a year ago now. I’m getting itchy feet for a new look but I’ve made so many darn customisations, I’ve pretty much made the theme I’m using my own now.

    I’ve finally remembered, despite referencing your new blog address a few weeks back, to update my link to you on my links page. So, ’tis done! 🙂 x

  2. Scott: You are so welcome… I voted today!

    Andy: Thanks for the props on the new site. So this was your old theme? Cool! I like the look of your new site though! As for Dan, I think it was life!

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