When Muppets Go Bad!

So last night, Dan, His dad, his younger sister and I went to a Rage Hockey game. It was my Christmas preseant from Dan’s parents. For those that don’t know, The Rage are Denver area’s newest Professional Hockey Team. Much cheaper than going to an Avs game, but still with all the fighting! Thanks to his parents for the tickets! Hockey is the only sport I like to watch live, it’s non-stop, doesn’t give you a chance to get bored like so many others!

Anyway, their mascot is called Rowdy. And all I could think of the whole night when I saw him, was that Elmo had gotten old and fat and went to work as a Team Mascot. Tell me you don’t agree!

Oh, and yes, we won 8-4!

By qphayes Posted in Humor

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