The Rose Report: What’s That Word?

Have you ever had a day where you see a word, a word that you see everyday, but for some reason this particular day it doesn’t come across that way? This happens to me every so often… but this past weekend, this was really bad. One of those stories, that if you just can’t laugh at yourself, then what’s the point? I figured you could all use another laugh at my expense!

Anyway, I was driving home from the hockey game the other night, and drove by this carpet store… I saw the word carpet, but for some reason it registered as CarPet to me… So, I sat there trying to figure out for a minute or so what exactly a CarPet could be… I guess it must be like Hamm above.. A car shaped like an animal! 🙂

So, how ’bout it… any examples of this happening to others of you out there?


4 comments on “The Rose Report: What’s That Word?

  1. One time, I was reading a magazine, and flipped through the pages, and I thought I saw the word “penis” I did a double take, it said “pens”

    Just yesterday I was trying to figure out the word “Politics”

    Sometimes I see a word, and it looses all meaning. Like the word “The” re-read it over and over and over again then it looks almost alien.

    Is it Pets mart, or Pet smart?

    In world of warcraft, there are so many different wierd names, I just replace them with words that make sense. Like Silithus is syphilus, Menethil harbor is Menthol harbor, and Zangarmarsh is ednenedenene.

    Leonardo DiCaprio is Deleledelelele.

    I give up on words. Lets simplify the engilsh language. LOLOMGUR2QTLOLBBQ! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

  2. I just discovered this homonym that I find someone scary even:

    Prophets = Profits

    I’m using it in a satire piece for the blog where I start my own religion. 🙂

  3. As a child I long mixed up the signs saying ‘To Let’ with ‘Toilet’. I have a fuzzy memory of telling my mum when I was pre-school that I wanted a wee and pointing to a sign outside a big house, thinking I could go in there for a tinkle… 🙂

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