Apple Steals Vista’s Thunder! :)


So today, Apple announced update iPod Shuffles in an array of colors. If I had any need for another iPod, I would so be after the orange Shuffle! That is one of the best looking colors I have seen them come out with to date!
Still only $79, you get your choice of the original silver, but now the green, pink, and blue that the nano comes in, as well as the new orange. Of course, I do have a birthday coming up in a few months… hint, hint 😉

The new line up of shuffles finally include the new headphones that were released with the new iPod videos back in September 2006. The original silver 2g iPod Shuffle still included the older headphones. Other than that and the new colors, there is nothing else new about the shuffle.


3 comments on “Apple Steals Vista’s Thunder! :)

  1. I like my silver Shuffle but the pink one’s lovely. I used to have a strawberry iMac and still have scarily fond memories of that computer–the only computers I’ve ever had feelings for are Apple ones, which says something about my geek status and my sense of aesthetics.

    I’m miffed about the headphones–they were promised way back. x

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