Mind Eraser – Elitch Gardens

Mind Eraser
Recreation – Elitch Gardens, Denver, Colorado
This is as close a recreation to the Mind Eraser as I can get. Although, I will admit, I added an extra loop to fill space. 🙂

Type: Compact Inverted Coaster
Excitement Rating: 6.99
Speed: 55.57 mph
Ride Time: 1.18 minute
Length: 2823 ft.
Highest Drop: 111.29 ft.
Inversions: 5

Created in RCT3
Music: Rubberneckin’ by Elvis Prezley (Remixed by Jason Nevin)


4 comments on “Mind Eraser – Elitch Gardens

  1. Alas, I can never go near funfair rides such as rollercoasters or even Whirlitzers–those curved bench-like things on wheels that collide like dodgems, as I have this really rare ‘spatial disorientation syndrome’ that means the feeling of nausea and instability you get at the end of such rides, I suffer from all the time. I can get that feeling in a supermarket! x

  2. I can’t imagine having to deal with that all the time. I feel fortunate that I don’t get that feeling on coasters. Only rides that spin me around fast, so I avoid those! I hope they can find a way for you to overcome that condition!

  3. Wow that was good i love playin roller coaster tycoon 3 i made a twister 2 and boomerang and tried to make minderacer but i did but it went way to fast so utra extereme intesity. but i saw there was 1 like the first heart shape loop that was kinda screwed up but still it was good. bettter then mine. just fix that part and if u don’t have the water expension pack bye 1 it is so cool everybody swim and ride water ride.try making more rollercoaster

  4. Roller Coaster: Mind Eraser
    Amusement Park: Elitch Gardens (Denver, Colorado 80204 USA)
    Classification: Roller Coaster
    Type: Steel – Inverted
    Status: Operating since 6/2/1997
    Make / Model: Vekoma / SLC (689m Standard)
    Cost: $10,000,000 USD
    Capacity: 1040 riders per hour

    Length: 2260′ 6″
    Height: 109′ 3″
    Inversions: 5
    Speed: 49.7 mph
    Duration: 1:36
    Elements: Roll Over
    Double In−Line Twist (Double Spin)

    Trains: 2 trains with 10 cars per train. Riders are arranged 2 across in a single row for a total of 20 riders per train.

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