Free Day At the Zoo! February 1, 2007

So, yesterday, Dan and I took the day off from work to go to one of the free days at the Denver Zoo… It was a little snowy, and very cold, but still a good time! I was sad the lions weren’t out, but I got to see the polar bears and the penquins!

The snow leopards were absoluetley gorgeous, and sleeping by the window, so we got a great close up of them! They looked so peaceful, I just wanted to reach out and pet them, even if they would have probably ripped my arm off! The sea lion was very excited to have a crowd around him, and refused to come out of the water for his trainer to come back in… But he likes the cold weather, so I am sure he was quite happy!

logo_04.gifAnyway, if you don’t know about the free days at the Denver Zoo, you should check them out. They still have some free days left this year, although only one is in the immediate future, the rest are in October and later. But here is the list of remaining free days this year.

Wednesday, February 14
Tuesday, October 9
Saturday, October 20
Sunday, November 4
Sunday, November 11

Music: Casino Royale by Tiujana Taxi


5 comments on “Free Day At the Zoo! February 1, 2007

  1. Thank you for stopping by adorablay! Always great to see a new face! And yes, the Denver Zoo is a great place! I wish it had been warmer that day… I really love the Lions! I have some other pictures from my visit last year. I will put up a page of that visit on my website. I thought I had one but alas, I have not.

    The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs is also a great one to visit!

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