Weekly Blog-O-Sphere Tid-Bits – February 3, 2007

Howard writes a bit of a Eulogy for one of his favorite bands that have decided to go their own way after 19 years at Waking Up With Morning Song.

I will leave this place for Scott-O-Rama should his site come back up. I know he was not happy with GoDaddy.com, I hope they didn’t retailiate and take his site down! UPDATE: Well his site is back up, and the outage wasn’t due to GoDaddy. So, this past week, he posted a great video that shows how stupid Americans can be.

Robguy posts a hilarious video of Steve Irwin and Ross the Intern from the Tonight Show. I know this is old, but I hadn’t seen it before, and I was left in stitches afterwords!

Andy at Spicy Cauldron posts about yellow snow falling in Russia. We’ve been getting week after week of snow here in Colorado, but at least it hasn’t been smelly and yellow!

Patrick at twenty something posted a hilarious spoof of a sequel to Titanic. I admit, I was at first taken in by it thinking it was real… Then I did a little digging. I can be soooo blond!!!

Greg from Out in Hollywood writes about David Hasselhoff getting one of the lead rolls in Las Vegas’ production of The Producers.

Gizmodo shows the different paths of upgrades between MS Vista and Mac OS X. Want to Simplify?

And for those of you that, like me, feel the commercials are the only reason to watch the superbowl? YouTube has the answer!


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