Is This PETA Approved?

Howard sent me this video this morning. I can’t help but laugh watching the poor cat jumping around in the machine, but, I sit here wondering just how good an idea a catwash can be?

I understand the concept behind the catwash, as giving a cat a bath can definitely be a task, although, I have never felt the need. I guess it would be different if they were outdoor cats. I would imagine the cat’s little heart is racing all through the shower, all the time getting pissed at the owner.

I know how temperamental a cat can be at times, and I just see this being a good way to ruin a cat’s good nature. I would also imagine that once it’s been through the wash once, trying to get the cat in there again would not be easy as it would know what is about to happen.

Maybe, as a cat owner myself, I am being to sensitive about this, and I guess enough research must have gone into this device for it to be available to the public. But, I just can’t help feeling sorry for the poor cat that doesn’t understand what is going on in that device!

What is your opinion?


11 comments on “Is This PETA Approved?

  1. Everything must be washed! No matter what the cost! Cleanliness is next but not equal to being an all-powerful deity.

    Besides, those bitches — the cats — need to be put in their place.

    Except for Waldo, who loves me to death. He’s a cutie kitty, isn’t he? Yes, he is!! Who wuves Waldo? Who wuves Waldo? Yes, Howard does! He love him sooooooo much. Gooby-gooby-gooby. Does Waldo want a bewy wub? He does! He’s a good kitty, yes, he is. Yes, he iiiiiissss! Waldo-waldo-waaaaalll…… uh.. ahem…

    So to conclude, cats need a bath!

  2. That was so horrible… but i couldn’t help laughing (then felt horrible about laughing). I can’t believe someone did this to their pet!!! Thanks for the laugh though (as sadistic as I felt).

  3. Dusty: Yis, it certainly is!

    Howard: Yes, you are one of the fortunate ones with Waldo! Not just anyone gets the plop and rub treatment! And if every cat was as diligent about cleaning as he is, no cat would ever need endure that machine!

    Adorablay: I know, I felt really bad laughing at that video, but I had to watch it over and over, it’s just so funny! And then the guilt settles in again!

  4. I have to say… I love the content on your blog… you are an excellent blogger (and i do not say this to all the bloggers!) I shall be returning.

  5. Now everyone who knows me is aware that I have a cold black heart. But a kitty washing machine is just not right!

  6. I laughed, but uncomfortably so, and only for a short time during the video. It is stupid. The idea of containing a cat while it is bathed/showered is fine, but what’s missing here is the loving owner element on hand to talk to the cat, reassure the cat. It’s in a strange place, put in a weird box, can see through the glass–which is for the owners, not the cat, which would be better in the dark–and then all hell breaks loose.

    One of these days some fool is going to put their nevertheless beloved cat in one of these insane contraptions and the animal is going to die from a heart seizure. Any public venue/shop/vet offering this service is either going to need an affidavit not to sue from owners, or will eventually find themselves sued out of business.

    We wash our cats in the shower cubicle. We’re right outside the glass, and the doors are not closed unless the cat is particularly vicious when hit with water spray. Throughout we talk to the cat and we don’t let it last longer than a minute. Much love follows, and a warm towel.

    They hate baths and showers. But they love the towel-dry afterwards!

  7. I have never given my cats a bath… Is that something that most people do? In all the years that I have had cats or my parents cats, we’ve never bathed them.

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  9. I have only had to do this unruly task twice in my life: Once when the cat got sprayed by a skunk and another time because of fleas… and the collar, powder, spray wasn’t working… the shampoo actually ended up doing the trick.

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