Enough Is Enough Is Enough!

So I awoke this morning, and to my dismay, it is snowing once again! For the 8th week in a row, we are being hit with snow! At this point we are a little more than a week away from setting a record for the longest time snow has covered the ground here!

With them expecting it remain snowing for the next 5 days now, this record will be broke! Don’t get me wrong I love snow, but in moderation! This has just become an annoyance at this point! What scares me most, is that we haven’t even hit Colorado’s snowiest months of March and April yet!

We are having a little competition here at work to see when the pile of snow in front of our windows will finally be gone… I jokingly said June 30th… The more this snow keeps coming, the more I am feeling like that was not a joke now!

I know there are plenty of areas across the country that wish they could get the snow we are getting. Believe me, if I could send it your way, I would! I think it would take getting every single person in the state of Colorado to go outside and blow to get this storm to go elsewhere!

I do hope that something good comes out of this, and we don’t have any water restrictions this summer! I would love to try and get the grass green in my yard this year!

For those wanting to relive 8 weeks ago, here are some pictures of our house from the massive Holiday Blizzard of 2006!

UPDATE: Ok, so I am being told this is freezing fog, not snow… Could have fooled me, looks a lot like snow to me!! Also, the picture above is not from today… It is from the original blizzard.


7 comments on “Enough Is Enough Is Enough!

  1. I’m sitting here wondering where you live, ‘cuz it’s not snowing at my house – then I realized you were just looking at the fog. When I woke up this morning, I too thought it was snowing. Fog? When did we move from Siberia to Seattle? So much for el nino…

  2. Well, everyone is saying it was freezing fog… But I was driving through what looked to me like huge flakes of snow… I am not talking about the haze of the fog… I am talking full fledged flakes! It is a rare thing to see fog like that here in Colorado though, that is for sure!

    I guess the real snow is to hit tomorrow though.

  3. I am actually really jealous. I live in Connecticut and every year we get a nice amount of snow (at least 2 big snow storms if not many more). We have only had 2 snow sprinkles this year with no more the an inch and it disappears the next day because of the weather temp. I wouldn’t mind actually if I hadn’t started snowboarding last year. I bought $300 worth of equipment last year because I knew I would quit if I didn’t force myself. I just got good enough to stay up without falling (the 1st day was the worse, I had bruises on my ass the size of an orange) and was actually enjoying it and REALLY looking forward to this year. So where do you live? I may want to go for a trip if they have any good slopes up there. Even Vermont hasn’t been getting any good storms and the slopes are mediocre.

  4. O0oo just saw you are in Colorado… well then I won’t be visiting due to the $$ for a plane ticket but funny thing is I do have relatives over there with a place right on one of the ski places. Maybe next year when I am not so poor.

  5. Believe me, I would love to send some of this snow your way! It’s too bad you can’t make it out here, this is a great year for skiing and snowboarding! The mountains have been getting hit quite a bit as well! I haven’t been snowboarding, but I love to ski!

  6. You know if you people subscribed to weather updates and checked a weather page, you would know these things. Jeez!

    -Howard, the holier-than-thou aspiring meteorologist.

  7. I bet! Hopefully next year I will have a graphic design job making more $$. I work at a paper now for 2 years (the whole time while taking classes) and I finally graduated but haven’t taken the next step… a little scared to find the next job because I want it to be permanent. That and it costs about $35 a sheet for my portfolio, blah! Next year if i have the money it was my next trip actually because my Aunt and Uncle keep inviting me. I used to ski, then tried snowboarding and feel in love… something about it makes me feel more secure. I am clumsy and I think having both legs on 1 board makes it better since my legs are so clumsy, ha!

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