PetSpa Update – The Company Responds

Well, the video I posted earlier this week has been removed by request of the manufacturer. They feel this is unrepresentitive of their product and have asked youtube to take all copies down. Here is the article for your read on their product. I especially love how they show humans in there to show how safe it is… Of course it’s safe for a human! They know what is about to happen!

Of interest though, is PETA’s response, so I would say the answer would be NO, it’s nto PETA approved:

“PETA thinks this hideous contraption belongs in a litter box, where every cat we know would gladly cover it up with sand. Cats need our companionship inside our homes: a window seat, lots of food and plenty of love – not to be shoved into a terrifying and claustrophobic water-soaked machine devised by some cat-loathing, profit-hungry jerks,” Lisa Lange, senior vice president of PETA, said in an email.

Andres Diaz, one of the inventors of PetSpa insists that this is more humane than many other methods of bathing an animal. He says that the cat used in the video is not indicitive of the type of animal that should be put in there. He says that cat should have been sedated and washed by a trained veterinarian.

I am sorry Diaz, but having many cats over the years and seeing how they have reacted to getting wet… I have yet to see any cat that would not react the same way in that machine as the one in the video! I still stand by the fact that it is not a humane way to take care of your pet!


2 comments on “PetSpa Update – The Company Responds

  1. There are lots and lots of humane ways to cleaning a cat without water. Like… Brushes, cloths, grooming gloves, petting, or just let the cats lick themselves. Say “No” to wet pussies. They smell terrible anyway.

  2. Wow, that’s crazy… Go PETA! I was watching this show *can’t remember the name but it was about dog’s becoming stars… and one of the owners brought her dog to this pet spa and went in with him. She was wearing goggles and flippers (I think she had mental issues) but anyways, I think this company may have gotten hype from this show. I think Dog’s could handle it way better than cats could… basically… sure you would go in with your dog but would anyone in their right mind go in that thing with their cat without fear of being destroyed? Not I.

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