Kinder Bueno and a Thank You!

So I want to start out by thanking Valerie, I have been meaning to for a bit now and just have been bad! She is a friend of Dan’s that lives in Amsterdam, and was here in December to visit family. She stopped by and had dinner with us one night, and brought me a stash of these! Kinder Bueno! She also brought Dan some of his favorite Stroup Waffles! Oh, yes, and it was really great to see her! 🙂

Kinder Bueno is a chocolate bar from Ferrero. It is a hazelnut cream filled waffle with a chocolate covering. I first discovered this delicious treat on my trip to Europe with Lorne in 2004. I bought a bunch to bring back with me as I knew I would have a hard time finding them here… More than a hard time… I have yet to find them.

Well, doing some research on the candy bar this past week, I came across this! kinderwhite.jpgThey now have a version of it in white chocolate! So now the search is on again to try and find a place that might have this new version for me to try! One of my co-workers have given me a few ideas to try. I will have to check them out! If anyone else has heard of them, or tried them, let me know what you think!

Here’s hoping Valerie is making another trip to Colorado soon!

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4 comments on “Kinder Bueno and a Thank You!

  1. Yum, those new ones look even better than the old! I lived in Germany from 2nd grade to 5th and went to the Frankfurt International School. I have very fond memories of Germany AND especially fond memories of the candies I had back then. I miss it so much, they have the best! Thanks for the jog in memory and to make me drool for VDay!! 🙂

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