Happy Anti-V-Day!

Dan and I always get strange looks and comments from people when they find out that neither of us celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s true, neither of us see the value in this “holiday” except for people to give their money frivilously to the card and candy companies.

I don’t need a card company mandating that I tell Dan that I choose this one day that I love him. I do that everyday! He and I do little things all throughout the year to show our love for each other… Bringing a random gift home just because it struck our fancy that day or what not.

All this day really does is make people who are single feel more depressed that they don’t have someone in their life. It serves to make them feel that they are indeed a loser for being single. Which in all reality is not true.

Unfortunately, now the card companies have realized that there is a huge group of us that don’t support this day, and have started selling Anti-Valentine’s cards. While they might be humorous, they once again serve as another excuse to get money from us. People, we need to just say NO! No More Valentine’s, No More Candy Hearts, No More Bright Pink Isles in the stores lulling people into feeling guilty they don’t say I Love You enough, No more making single people feel they are loosers.

This is something that we should be letting our loved ones know all year long as opposed to just one day out of the year!

By qphayes Posted in Rant

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