New Theme and Features

qPlog LogoI am trying a new theme. I will work on getting the header put up soon. Let me know what you all think. You will also notice that I have added vod:pod to my sidebar as well as a Platial Map that will allow me to find out where you are all visiting from!

I am starting to feel that even though it’s only been a month, I am outgrowing the template driven site. I am contemplating moving it over to where I would be hosting it myself. I really want to go with a 3 column site again, but as none of the templates on WordPress have a 3 column layout that gives me the ability to keep my header, more changes may be on the way.

I will keep you appraised to those developments and if it does indeed change. Thanks for your continued support of qPlog!


4 comments on “New Theme and Features

  1. Ha, I should have read this before commenting about your new blog skin on your other post. I do like it but I need to see what the header will look like. I like the new widgets… I have been thinking of adding the videos but I would have to use other people’s pet videos since I don’t have a video camera. Oh, and I am all for you switching to the cool as long as you just stick with wordpress. 🙂

  2. Oh, trust me Amber, I will be staying with some form of WordPress! Whether it be here or on a self hosted blog. What is your thoughts on the header? I do wish I could get rid of the text version of the name of my blog!

    And Lorne, I do like the Pantone book graphic as well, but have had too many compliments on my “dreamy” eye to get rid of it! 🙂

  3. You know that I’d be happy to help you if you decided to go with a server-side WordPress installation if you chose to go that way. I’ve done mine and am working on getting Green Apple Martini to its new home as well.

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