Oddities from Gizmodo

The following are all bizarre items of interest I have seen on Gizmodo over the past week.

So, I have been meaning to post about these, and just for fun, I bouht one for Dan today. It’s called Tooth Tunes, a new toothbrush that plays an mp3 for 2 minutes that you can only hear when brushing. It uses your bones to send the music to your brain. I had to try it out, and while the audio isn’t like the best quality, it is quite funny, and I am sure guaranteed to get your kids brushing!

From Cute Overload:

This is one bridge I don’t think I will ever be able to make it out on to! It’s a glass bridge being built out over the Grand Canyon!


5 comments on “Oddities from Gizmodo

  1. Hey, just stumbled upon you … hope you don’t mind me looking around.

    Tooth tunes? What about Eye tunes — sunglasses that have earbuds that you can download mp3s to … someone must have invented those already … right? I know they make them with a radio tuner …

  2. Yes, that bridge looks very very cool, but as I have a severe phobia of heights (you should have seen me atop the Eiffel Tower) I don’t know that I will be braving that one!

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