A Funny Thing

So, I was on my way to work, and I saw a guy washing car windows at the stoplight. Reminded me of a trip to visit Gina in DC. We were driving around Baltimore, and a guy came to wash her window. She told him no, and he continued, so she turned her wipers on and pissed him off! We laughed for a long while about that one!


7 comments on “A Funny Thing

  1. That’s why I always carry a cup of hydrochloric acid in my car … for just those occasions.

    “You want to wash my windows? *SPLASH* No.”

  2. Oh that one is easy for me given the neighborhood I live in. When I come to the door and I am white and speak english… They usually just give me an english translated pamphlet and say gracias and bow out.

  3. I always wanted to have pamphlets printed to hand out about MY lifestyle to give them in return. Ask if they’d like to talk over drinks. Take them to a gay bar.

    I bet they won’t come back.

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