Wow, This Learning Stuff Be Difficult!

So I spent the evening trying to figure out how to make this whole self-hosted blog stuff work. I am trying to share two domains on the same host, and I have been having problems getting qplog to work correctly. After having Howard help me, we figured out what I needed to do.

It ended up being a lot easier than I was making it out to be, but the good news is both sites now stay separate, and the new blog is another step closer to being ready!!! It will be having it’s grand unveling in just over a week now! It’s quite exciting and I feel like I am actually learning shit about how the internet works and all!!


4 comments on “Wow, This Learning Stuff Be Difficult!

  1. Not knowing squat about self-hosting and whatnot, is it more than what I’m doing to mine? I have my wordpress blog linked to my website … and the changes just are there — on both.

    I’m confused … but that’s nothing new.

  2. It’s all so daunting at first, isn’t it?? I’m still learning myself and my brain goes a little adhd before it all pans out — then a breath of accomplishment.

    Good luck with the new project.

  3. Well, once I get everything settled and the way I want it, then it will for the most part be as easy as using… but getting all the coding, and figuring out how the hosting works has been a big challenge. I could tell the Tech Support guy was getting frustrated with me, so I finally told him, “I am sorry, I know just enough to be dangerous here. Just starting out, and trying to teach myself. But that is the only way to learn.” Once I said that he seemed to be a lot more patient with me.

    The thing I will like about my self hosted blog is the ability to add any content, not just what the free lets us add. Don’t get me wrong, they have added so much just in the month and a half I have been on here, but things like not being able to embed flash badges and the like. And I wanted to have a little more control over what I can do with my template.

    Thanks for the well wishes Dame! and yes, that is exactly what happens in my head as well!

  4. Yeah, I’m still letting WP host mine … I’m gonna stick with the basics for now … I’m impressed I could get my own host name.

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