Tax Return Goodness!

So, with my condo still being on the market, I ended up paying loads in interest this past year on mortgages. So tax time came, and it was a pleasant surprise. So I decided I needed to treat myself just a little bit. Oh, yes, I still got one of my credit cards payed off, but I also still have plenty left to live a few more months in hopes the condo sells.

I have been doing a lot of work in Illustrator and InDesign lately, and have grown tired of how many palettes there are, and constantly having to move them out of my way on my current monitor. So I went out searching this past weekend for a new one. I found this Viewsonic on sale. I can’t believe how much screens have come down in price! My last one, an 18″ NEC flat panel cost me aroudn $850 about 4 years ago. I got this beauty for $349 at CompUSA!

It’s a 22″ HD Widescreen digital monitor. I had been looking at a 19″ version of this at Costco that included a handy iPod dock below the monitor with a USB hub, and media card reader in the side, but this one was 3″ bigger and the same price. I thought the iPod feature was nifty, but unecessary in the end.

One thing about this one, don’t let CompUSA talk you into the extended warranty they sell… I was suckered into it, and am going to see if I can get a refund, as the monitor comes with a 3 year warranty… Better than CompUSA’s. They convinced me as they told me it was a 1 year warranty. It is nice that you can exchange it with them if anything goes wrong, and not have to wait, but… With the rumor that CompUSA may be shutting down some 100 stores, who knows if I will have a store to go into to use that warranty.

Besides the benefit of the extra real estate for my palettes, I must say, playing games on such a big screen is unbelievable! The only problem I am having with my games is they don’t know how to understand a widescreen monitor, so the picture is a little streched. My main game, RCT3 is getting an expansion pack in March, so hopefully that will address this issue.

If you are looking for a good quality, inexpensive large format monitor, I would highly recommend this one! I had been longing for an Apple 23″ display, but finally decided that it wasn’t worth the extra $600 just to get the pretty aluminum enclosure, an extra inch, and the USB and FireWire ports on the back of the monitor.


2 comments on “Tax Return Goodness!

  1. I’m totally leaving a comment on the new blog! Those are cute birdies! I’ve been itching for a new computer myself with a bigger screen than the 15″ I have now. Congrats!

  2. Hey Howard, thanks for being the first officialy comment on the new blog! 🙂 And yes, I bought it strictly for the birdies! 😉 Part of me would love an intel mac, but I am quite happy with where I am right now!

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