Morning Coincidence

Every monring, I listen to Mix 100‘s morning show, certainly not for their music! This morning Dom and Jane decided to discuss injuries that make you cringe. So callers called in and told their stories. I turned the radio down as I was quesy from the topic, actually wishing for their crappy music for once. I actually thought to myself how I longed to hear Rob Thomas (Whom, I can’t stand!) over this conversation… Wouldn’t you know it, Rob Thomas’ “Lonely No More” was the first song after the phone calls! Well, at least it wasn’t Nickelback!


4 comments on “Morning Coincidence

  1. You don’t like Rob Thomas or Nickelback? That’s un-American! 🙂

    (Look, an entire post with no innuendo. Woo hoo!)

  2. OMG, I have ALWAYS felt like I should have grown up in England. I look damn good in eyeliner.

    But I don’t mind Rob Thomas or Nickelback so …

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