My Geekness is Excited and Renewed! :)

In celebration of the expansion pack Soaked! for Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 coming out for the Mac in 12 days, I created a new coaster to renew my enthusiasm for the game, and get ready to play it again! You can pre-order on it for $19.99 on Amazon. So in honor, I bring you the Colorado Mining Company Mine Coaster.

Colorado Mining Company
Wild Wild West

Excitement Rating: 6.85
Speed: 53.18 mph
Ride Time: 1.20 minute
Length: 2433.85 ft.
Highest Drop: 104.51 ft.

Created in RCT3
Music: Fun For Me by Moloko


4 comments on “My Geekness is Excited and Renewed! :)

  1. What? No underground tunnels and scariness! It’s cool that it’s finally coming out on the Mac. I got Cameron a couple of the platinum version a few weeks ago — he loves the game.

  2. There are no underground tunnels because I can’t do that until Soaked! One of the other reasons I am very excited to have it come to the Mac!

  3. Yeah, I guess the game isn’t for everyone Kevin, but I have been enjoying it since the original RCT through Virtual PC on my Mac, and was very excited to finally have a native version for my Mac! One of the few games I have been highly addicted to.

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