Well, I Am Set for a Little While

Well, I finally was able to track down some of my Pepsi Lime tonight. They had 4 12 packs at the Target. So I bought them all. It seems that Pepsi is following suite with with Coke by discontinuing the Pepsi Lime. You can still get diet of course, but I don’t drink diet! But that doesn’t cut it for me, I need the leaded kind.


2 comments on “Well, I Am Set for a Little While

  1. I can’t drink diet drinks, it’s the phenylwhatsit chemical in ’em. Gives me headaches and nausea. All soft drinks are poison, but not only are diet ones misnamed – you don’t lose weight on ’em – but they’re that little bit more deadly.

    I’m a Coke not Pepsi guy and it annoys me all these flavours coming out for the diet varieties… but not the standard type… Still, I watch my intake… x

  2. Yeah, I can’t believe how they taut the virtues of diet soda being so much better for you. That diet sweetener is so much worse for you than sugar! I mean sugar is nature’s sweetener! 🙂

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