Scheduled Maintenance – March 24-25

My hosting service will be running routine maintenance, and as a result qPlog may be inaccessible 10:00 PM MDT Saturday, March 24 to 6:00 AM MDT Sunday, March 25. Thank you, we now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.


4 comments on “Scheduled Maintenance – March 24-25

  1. Sorry, I have been very busy as of late… been taking on new duties at work, and haven’t been feeling real well the past few days. But nothing compared to the crap you are going through 😦

  2. Bossy is impressed that you keep your readers so well informed. Meanwhile over at her blog, Bossy suffers through the days when her blog host is down with absolutely no warning.

  3. Well, luckily, they gave us some heads up. Both Howard and I are using the same hosting site. Lately, they have been having major database problems that have caused sporadic outages. So hopefully this maintenance will help fix these problems.

    I will, when possible always try to give as much notice of downtime as possible. 🙂

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