Things Went Well

My fears of my father’s visit with his fiancé have been laid to rest. They made it over for dinner last night, and she is definitely not the future stepmom from Cinderella! It really felt that the two of them were genuinely happy together. It didn’t end up being as awkward an evening as I thought it would be!

I am glad I took the day off from work, it gave me time to get things ready without feeling rushed. This was the first time my dad has been to the house, so I wanted to make sure things were just right (which I know was driving Dan nuts!). He couldn’t believe how big the backyard was. He was impressed with what we have accomplished so far, and liked the ideas of what we have planned for the future. I got the sense that he was proud of what I had done.

He brought some pork chops that Dan grilled up. Dan and I still have a lot to learn about grilling, as the were a tad overcooked, but the still tasted great to me. Dan had picked out some of the largest baked potatoes I have ever seen. As a family tradition, I also had to have shrimp cocktail ready as an appetizer. Of course, I didn’t read the directions, and should have bought them the night before, so they were still a bit frozen, but they still tasted good!

Darlene definitely made the evening flow. I was nervous and didn’t know what to ask, but she did a good job of keeping the conversation flowing. She even asked Dan to demonstrate the Wii for her. I definitely felt more at ease talking with my father. It really seams that Darlene has been good for him. He has really come to accept Dan as part of the family. While I was cleaning up after dinner, he and Dan talked, giving Dan some pointers on grilling.

I am feeling a big sense of releif at this point. It wasn’t near as hard for me to see him with someone new as I thought it would be. And Darlene seemed really glad to get to meet us, and didn’t feel at all uncomfortable around Dan or I. It was nice to see that our relationship didn’t seem to bother her in the least. She even wanted to get a picture of Dan and I togehter to take with her.

They both made it abudnantly clear that we will be having to make a trip to Yuma to visit them at her home next winter. We won’t be going in the summer as it’s just too hot for Dan and I to want to go. In the end, I felt happy for my dad that he has met someone new that he can share his life with, and she is obviously doing some good for him.


5 comments on “Things Went Well

  1. That’s great! I’m glad it all worked out.

    And there’s a definite trick to grilling — making sure that you don’t burn the outside while leaving the inside raw … or just cooking it low but for too long.

    And every grill is different. (Was it gas or charcoal?)

  2. Howard: Your Welcome 🙂

    Kevin: It is a charcoal grill. I got it for my 10 year anniversary at work. However, I have been banished from doing the grilling by Dan as I get sidetracked and forget I need to watch it. Still, neither Dan or I have ever done much grilling so pointers are always welcome! 🙂 The big tip from my dad was that the lid needs to be on when grilling. Whoops!

  3. I read Dan’s post about this. Glad it went well!

    Love the new-look blog, by the way. But man, you’re hoppier than Mandrake our three-legged feline… This blog address IS going to stay now, yeah? I will update my links as I still have you pegged on… But that didn’t last long, did it? >;-)

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