Blog-O-Sphere Tid-Bits – March 25, 2007


I want to start of this week with Scott’s new post over at Scott-O-Rama. He has an in-depth review of Mika’s new album, due out this coming Tuesday here in the States. I had posted his Grace Kelley video a while back over at Waking Up With Morning Song as I fell in love with his music with the first listen! Here is his latest video for Love Today, another fantastic song! As it says on Mika’s Myspace site:

“If heÒ€ℒs not on your iPod playlist, you must be living on Mars” – Inside Entertainment


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Andy over at Spicy Cauldron writes about a bridge with a rich history that local officials have been fighting to change the name over. Well they lost, and it gets to keep it’s great name!

Howard has posted a sneak peak preview of the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End!

I Am Bossy has a funny look at the final stages of replacing the shingles on her roof. Something I am not looking forward to here at our house!

Yeay!!! We have a new member of the growing Mac family over at actorschmactor!

Dan explains why he decided to get a tattoo of bacon on his wrist.

Well, I guess that’s it for this week.


7 comments on “Blog-O-Sphere Tid-Bits – March 25, 2007

  1. Mika is wonderful, every track on that album is full of hope, and happiness, and sheer enjoyment of life. It’s weird, coming out now, as it’s a real Summer album and I am looking forward to playing it on sunny days. I play it a heck of a lot as is… x

  2. Khlari: Well, it was Feb 5th in the UK, but us Americans have had to wait a little extra time for it to be released here… US releases also fall on Tuesdays instead of Monday like the UK.

    Do you have a gravatar? If not, that is why it isn’t showing up. I was trying to get myBlogLog images to show up, but haven’t had any luck yet. 😦 You can get one at

  3. What a generous person you are and Bossy is grateful. Meanwhile o’er at Bossy Holler, Bossy hides her Mint Milanos from her children.

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