Review – Bridge to Terabithia

Tonight, Dan and I decided to go on a real date for the first time in a long time. We had received some vouchers for a free movie from Safeway, and I had just gotten a coupon for a free meal from Noodles. Who says there isn’t such thing as a cheap date these days. We had it narrowed down to Terabithia or The Last Mimzy… A flip of the coin chose Terabithia.

I had not actually heard of the book before, however, Dan had read the book when he was younger. Being a fan of the Chronicles of Narnia, I was fascinated by the fantasy side of the previews. I was not prepared for the great emotions that this movie would bring out in me. For those who haven’t seen it, you may not want to read the next few paragraphs.


Having dealt with some of the taunting from other school kids at an early age… I could relate to Jess’ hard time in school when the kids made fun of him. As the friendship developed, it was great to see how he was able to stand up to his nemesis’ more and more. When he came back from the museums with his teacher to find that Leslie had died trying to swing over the river, I swelled up with tears unlike any movie has made me do in recent memory.

Watching the pain that Jess had to go through was heart wrenching, and when he didn’t know what the parents meant by having to go and pay their respects, it really made me think about how little kids are prepared to deal with losing someone close. When his dad finally figured out that he needed to comfort his son, I just lost it. It meant a lot for me to finally see that this man that seemed to not want to show any love for his son, truly had a soul and had compassion after all.


I walked away surprised at how what I thought was mostly a children’s story, was far more than that. A movie that adults can see and still come away with as much from the film as the younger audience will take away from the film. The casting was phenomenal, and each actor brought a real trueness to their roles that made their characters believable. If you have not seen this movie, I would highly recommend going to it. Just make sure to bring that box of tissues with you!


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