Condo Update

I have just spoke with my realtor, and we have agreed that it is finally time. We are officially lowering the price today to $95,000. It has been a hard decision, but the market in Denver is just not what it once was. Over-saturated and not enough new people coming in.

I am again asking, if you know anyone in the Denver area looking for a place to let them know about my place. Here is the listing if you want to find anything more out about the place.

There is some promise on the horizon as two other units have recently gone under contract. I hope that is a sign of the market turning around!


2 comments on “Condo Update

  1. Bossy thinks there can’t be anything more nerve wracking than the house that sits on the real estate market. Hang in there, bud – good luck!

  2. You are very wise and right there Bossy! It has been very nerve wracking! I am going on month 21. One can hope that I am just around the corner!

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