Blog-O-Sphere Tid-Bits – March 31, 2007


Wow, this week went fast! Feels like I just did one of these.

My friend Dusty sent me this link to a fun site where you can create your own Jackson Pollock inspired painting.

Here is a hilarious video from the Ellen show that I came across on a new blog I discovered this week at Ryan’s Legroom.

This is a great video I came across on Gizmodo. They had run an article about this guy’s flat in the UK a bit ago. But now the BBC news ran a piece on his place that will be going up for sale on ebay soon.

Scissor Sister fans will find this little gem from Musings of a Purple Dragon funny! A great cover version of I Don’t Feel Like Dancing bluegrass style

Does Ann Coulter really get under your skin? How about Chap your hide? Well, Out in Hollywood has found a way to let you shit all over her!

My boyfriend Dan finally got that new job… He’s all grown up now with a profession and everything! Way to go Mr.!

Howard has a really great tribute post to a very special lady that was a huge influence in his improv career at The Web Pen.

And finally, Spicy has written about how Homeland Security wants to make the classic movie TRON simply disappear.


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