Out With The Old, Already!


Today at work I got a strange request. One of the shift managers brought a job that had been sent from one of our centers. It was to convert 9 old floppies to a cd. The catch? They were mac formatted.

I looked at her and said “You do realize that Macs haven’t had floppies for almost 10 years now right? (As many of you may know, Apple did away with the floppy drive in 1998 with the introduction of the iMac.) She had this look of horror, and asked what we could do. I told her that the external floppy had died 3 years ago and I never bothered to replace it, and the one I had at home, I gave to Goodwill a few years ago.

She asked if we could go buy one. I asked her if she seriously thought buying a $25 item (that most likely would never be used again) was worth it for a $10 job? What did we do? Called the center and told them they would have to look elsewhere for help on this one! But hey, in a day where I can’t get anything to work, it was a nice laugh anyway! πŸ™‚

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17 comments on “Out With The Old, Already!

  1. Srsly. Who uses a floppy disk anymore anyway? What cave have these people lived in the past decade?! Oh, look! I can add five fucking JPEGs or one very small low quality encoded MP3 to one god damn floppy disk. Smell that? That’s the scent inefficency. Yesterday, I was at the gym, and this poor girl plopped down this HUGE portable CD player on her eliptical’s holder, and here I was listening to Colbert Report, video podcasts and music videos on my 5G iPod. HELLO!? Earth to McFly?!

  2. This is a great work tale. All Bossy knows is that an “external floppy” doesn’t sound like anything that anybody would want to have.

  3. Dusty: Yeah, I bet I could find one of these in that antique shop in the future!

    Howard: Refresh my memory? What’s a ZIP πŸ˜‰

    Bossy: A little blue pill would cure that right up, I am sure! πŸ™‚

  4. Ya know what… PC’s still have floppy drives and externals. Maybe you should switch from a Mac to a PC…

    MUAH HA HA HA *runs away laughing evily*

  5. And ya know what Anthony… PCs are still living in the dark ages reluctant to give up on outdated technology. πŸ™‚

    What’s even more funny, is it asked me to moderate your comment… Obviously it knew you were a mac hater!

  6. Dang Mac software discriminating against us normal folk. Well, just remember, would you really want to drive a car that only goes on 15% of the roads (ie Mac), or one that the the windshield turns blue and you have to restart it every 1000 miles?

  7. Well, the % of roads the one car can go on is increasing daily, and of course it’s always been able to go off roading, while the other one still goes blue every 1000 miles. Actually, if I am not mistaken, it’s more like every 500 miles now that it has a view.

  8. Oh, and don’t forget, if you put in the wrong gas, your screwed, and have to buy another one. My car doesn’t run on gas.

  9. At least it’s environmentally conscious. We Mac owners basically have the Al Gore of computers and you know he invented the Internet.

  10. Well, Apple will also take back any iPod, or computer for recycling. They have also been an industry leader it shrinking packaging which also has a huge impact on the environment.

  11. SHRINKING PACKAGING?????? the last ipod i bought generated over two tons of cardboard trash and 3800 tons of carbon dioxide emissions…

    Ok, so maybe thats a little exaggerated.. or not..

    As the in-tune Mike Tyson once said… “Can’t we all just get along??”

  12. Better cardboard and paper than the plastic that most of the companies wrap their products in.

    We’ll just have to agree to disagree here at this point. πŸ™‚

  13. Oh, you want to throw facts around now, do you? And I thought we were just joking. Oy! My feelings!

    Besides, if we do some digging, there is a lot that Greenpeace has done that is unethical as well. Extremists on either side bug the crap out of me.

    I think the better saying would be, “Can’t we all just meet in the middle?” πŸ˜›

  14. Zip drives… Ah, they were the ones that sometimes showed up on desktops, sometimes didn’t, then sometimes did… and so on… Iomega.

    Now I have an Iomega external 500Gb drive. Times have changed.

    Sometimes, it appears on the desktop… sometimes it doesn’t…. sometimes it does….

    Ahem. x

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