A Week’s Coaster of Emotions


What a week of ups and downs it has been. Last Saturday, I finally was able to sell my laptop and get some money to make it another month while I wait for the condo to sell. It went to a good home, and I know it will be well cared for! I thought to myself, if sacrificing my laptop to pay bills didn’t get me karma points for selling the condo, nothing would!

On Sunday, my friend, Lorne and I went to the car show with some friends. Went to Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs on Colfax for lunch, great hot dogs! We then went looking for some new shoes. On our way back to my house, I got a call from my Realtor… Miracle of all miracles, I had finally gotten an offer on the condo! It was rather low, but I jumped on it and accepted the offer. I have been reluctant to post about it as I didn’t want to jinx it. They just wanted a couple things addressed, which I have done.

Monday, I got to spend the day with my really close friend, Gina. She was unfortunately in town for her uncle’s funeral. We got talking and she wanted to know if I ever got some pictures developed. I confessed they were still sitting in my drawer, so she got me to finally take them to be developed. They ended up being 6-7 years old! A couple rolls didn’t turn out, as they were so old, but the rest had some interesting pictures!

Tuesday, Dan started his new job as a Nurse’s Aid. Good to have him out of the house again for awhile so I can have some alone time. 🙂 (No offense honey!) It has really been kicking his ass, but he seems to like it a lot more than retail! Then, yesterday was his birthday! I got him the charger and batteries for our Wii remotes, as well as some points to buy some of the online games! I think he was quite happy with them.

That left me at quite a high point as of last night, but then this morning came along, and I had an e-mail from my Realtor. They had their inspection, and even though we had responded to their offer as-is, they came back with a checklist of items they want me to fix. We have responded to them saying that we will not be doing any of those items as we agreed to their low-ball offer, with the stipulation that they could not come back with anything after the inspection. So, now I am at a low today hoping that they are still going to go through with buying the place, and that they were just trying to see if they could get more out of me. Please keep good thoughts that the later is the case. If so, and all continues on well, I will be a one home owner again on April 18th!

I need to keep my thoughts positive, although it has been hard for me today. I have been dwelling to much on the negative, and it has really brought me down. I have tomorrow to look forward to as we are taking Dan to Casa Bonita for his birthday celebration! And for those of you that have watched South Park and aren’t from Colorado, yes, this place does exist! I haven’t been in a very long time, but it should be a blast!

So in honor of Dan’s Birthday, and to start everyone’s weekend of with a laugh, I bring you Cartman’s Casa Bonita song!

Online Videos by Veoh.com


6 comments on “A Week’s Coaster of Emotions

  1. Thanks Howard and Bossy! 🙂 I need all the positive support I can get on this! 🙂

    Dan, you are so welcome! Glad you liked em and Casa Bonita!

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