The New Elitch Gardens!

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As of last Friday, it is finally offical! The New Elitch Gardens will be opening on April 28th, 2007! Finally out from under the grips of Six Flags, they are making efforts to return to it’s family park origins!

They have the starts of their new website up at While I am thrilled that they are still around, I am rather disappointed the new owners didn’t feel a price drop was in order for admission. However, anyone wanting to go, you can save $10 by purchasing right from their website! That’s at least good news.

Stripped of the Looney Tunes and Justice League characters, it will be interested to see what they bring this year. Early rumors around the web say a BMX Stunt Show will be replacing the Batman Stunt Show. A Cirque style show is to be making it’s premier in the Trocodero. There is supposed to be a press release today announcing all the new attractions coming for the 2007 season.

Here is an official press release from 9news. As predicted the two shows will be coming, as well as the return of Carnival De Fuego. They will also be getting a new waterslide.


4 comments on “The New Elitch Gardens!

  1. I knew if I just looked here I’d eventually come up with the news about the park! 😀 Sounds like things are on the right track (it always does in press releases), I hope it’s a good season.

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