My Weekend Fun :)

So last week around the time of selling the condo, Our ceiling fan started having problems. The pull chain that turns the light on and off broke, and it became a real challenge to turn the light on and off. So Friday night, Dan and I headed off to Home Depot to look for new ceiling fans. We picked the right day to be sure! All in stock fans were 20% off! So we got the fan for $103!

I spent a few hours yesterday tearing the old fan out, and installing the beautiful brand new fan you see above! After going through every breaker in the box to find that it was on the same circuit as our furnace, I finally got the old one disassembled, and started working on the new one. The best part after all was said and done, is that it turns on and works great!

However, the most important thing…. It’s remote controlled! So now we can enter a whole new level of laziness and change the speed and dim the light from the comfort of the couch! Now I have to work on the kitchen light, it’s one of those old hideous circular florescent bulbs that are exposed.


2 comments on “My Weekend Fun :)

  1. Do you know that scene from Mommy Dearest where Joan Crawford is all, “No wire hangers… eh-ver!” ??? Well that’s Bossy with circular florescent light fixtures.

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