Blog-O-Sphere Tid-Bits – April 28, 2007

Wow, what a busy weekend this has already been! I had a birthday party to go to for Dan’s sister last night, a going away party for a long-time co-worker of mine, and then a birthday party for Dan’s niece today! And then I have my birthday party tomorrow night since Dan works on my birthday this Monday.

First off, I want to wish Karen all the best as she starts a new life in Grand Junction, CO. She will be going to open up one of the new Compact Car stores for FedEx Kinko’s. The company is set to expand like wildfire in the next few years, and as a result many co-workers are getting the opportunity to try new hats. I look forward to hearing how she adjusts to life in a small town!

Kevin over at Actorschmactor has a great post on fears and why we have them. I really think it boils down to our fears helping keep us grounded and real!

Blogography celebrated his 4th year blogging on this incarnation of his blog! Congrats… Here’s to many more years!

The Hermit has a funny post written from his cat’s point of view about all the changes he has been going through with moving out to a secluded shed.

Bossy has realized what a hoodie and wind can do to her… It makes her on the most wanted list!

I’m so proud of my Dan! After only 3 weeks he has earned a well deserved full-time position at his new job! A feat they said would take 3 months.

This is a very scary statistic that has been pointed out by Spooky!

Spicy gives us an update on Mandrake‘s adjusting to his missing appendage. Apparently he is finally realizing that his leg will not be growing back. At least Mandrake has a very loving family to help him adjust!

And finally an interesting new study from scientists that give sufferers of migraines some good news about a painful condition.


3 comments on “Blog-O-Sphere Tid-Bits – April 28, 2007

  1. Thanks for the profiling of that post! I’m going to be posting some photos soon of when Mandrake came for what is now one of his usual walks in the woods behind our house. He walks miles with me!

    D told friends who also live in the countryside, who have cats but never once thought they could walk with them like dogs, and so they gave it a whirl… And sure enough, their cats happily escorted them on a long walk.

    If we ever move back to the town or city, I don’t know what we’d do now the cats and ourselves have discovered that enjoyment most think reserved for dogs and their owners. It’s very sweet and because it’s not known, looks very eccentric! But as I say, it’s not out of character for cats – they just don’t get the opportunity in most situations. x

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