True Friends = True Colors!

m_10a7bfacc4de64b5ea37bcfa3b5ff91e.jpgWhile today is my official birthday, we had my party last night. My close friends and family joined me at Red Lobster for a wonderful evening of seafood! I have been craving lobster for quite some time now and had to satisfy that urge! Thanks to Dan for making that happen! I want to thank everyone that came. It meant a lot to me to have all of you come out last night!

It has been a rough year this past year while I tried selling my condo. As a result, when the HRC announced the True Colors concert, I was saddened as I knew I would not be able to afford to go. I was excited by the opportunity to get to see Cyndi Lauper finally! And yes, of course, Erasure! 🙂 What an outstanding line-up it was to be. Erasure, Cyndi, Debbie Harry, The Dresden Dolls, The Gossip, The Misshapes, The Clilks and Margaret Cho hosting! As Dan put it, the Gayest Concert on Earth! So, I decided to leave it to the fates and ask for the concert for my birthday. Thanks to Dan, Howard and Lorne, I am going to get to go to the concert! They all went in on buying me tickets together so that myself and a guest could go! Thank you three sooo much for making it such a wonderful birthday present!

I only wanted two things for my birthday… Selling the condo, and tickets to the concert, and I got both! I feel very blessed to have such great friends and a great boyfriend to make the latter a reality for me! I look forward to the concert!!! Thank you to Robin for the iTunes giftcard! Always a welcome gift! 🙂 Matthias and Adam for the Lowe’s giftcard (new kitchen light here you come!). I also want to thank Howard for a wonderful tribute post to our friendship over the last decade! It is hard to believe it has been that long already!

I am sure this concert is a dream come true for Erasure as well, since they will be touring with Debbie Harry, one of their major influences. They have done many covers of Blondie songs over the years! Maybe I will get to see the two performing a duet together! I am already expecting a duet with Andy and Cyndi since they have collaborated on a song together!


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