Erasure: Sunday Girl

sundaygirl.jpgI am very excited to make you all aware of Erasure’s next single “Sunday Girl!” In my opinion, this is quite possibly the best song to come from the duo since their heyday in the 80s. It’s infectious, bubbly and happy! Everything that defines an Erasure Song. Being released on July 17th here in the states, you can listen to the full radio mix at their official myspace page.

I know that many people haven’t enjoyed the new Erasure album as much as past albums, and overall I think that this is not their strongest album, but “Light at the End of the World” is a return to the fast paced, make you wanna get up and dance album! Other stand out tracks on the new album include: “Storm in a Teacup,” “When a Lover Leaves You,” and “Golden Heart.”

Even more exciting is that, with the release of iTunes Plus, much of Erasure’s catalog is now available in the new DRM-Free version at the higher bitrate. Their new album is just one of those available.


That Question Scott Didn’t Ask… Part 1

One of Scott’s questions on Scott-O-Rama (who sadly is taking a hiatus right now) was to give him a question that he didn’t ask that he should of. My answer was, “What was it like coming out at a conservative Lutheran College?” I realized that was actually a good topic for me to write about here, so here is part 1…

I feel I need to start with a little background from growing up.

I always felt a little different. I realized in third grade that I was having feelings for some of the other boys in my class. I believed that what I was feeling was wrong, and as a result didn’t like putting myself in a situation where I was around any of them for fear they would figure things out. I became very isolated from the rest of the kids, except for the one outcast girl in the class. She and I would go dig in the sand during recess.

I did have a couple of kids from school that I occasionally hung out with. I ended up fooling around with them a little. Never anything real serious, mostly just touching. Then my parents got a divorce when I was 12, and I blamed myself for their divorce because I thought they knew about me. I shut the door hard, and started getting very involved with the youth group at my church. I thought for sure that all I needed was a good influence in my life.

The feelings I had never went away, I always found myself looking at the other boys at my youth group. I am sure a few of them figured it out as they teased me behind everyone else’s back at group. By my senior year in high school, I decided I would go to college at a Lutheran School. If I couldn’t learn how to change being surrounded by nothing but Christians then I was doomed!

My freshman year of college was all about trying to date girls there. I went through quite a few my first year, never getting any further than a kiss, mainly because anything else just seemed foreign, and weird to me. I had to work very close with a guy in the theater department, he was very tall, and very good looking. I really wanted to have fun with him, but knew that I couldn’t. I was trying to get over that. I don’t know that he was gay, but thought he could have been. Maybe I just wanted him to be.

My sophomore year, I met a girl, and we dated. I made it clear to her that I was against premarital sex… and so it was for a month. She decided that a few of us would get a hotel room off campus so we could go get drunk. I got really blitzed that night, and passed out. The next morning, my friend and roommate asked me if I knew what happened the night before. Apparently, my girlfriend, took it upon herself to work on getting me up and having her way with me. I still don’t remember it happening, but, I know that the other two with us would not lie to me about something like that.

I gave up at that point, spent much of my time drunk in order that we could have sex. It felt good, but it still never felt right to me (getting drunk was the only way I could bring myself to it). We went on for about 5 months like that, until one night. We had a little get together, and everyone got quite drunk. She and I were in the bedroom, and the really hot guy at the party wandered in. He sat at the end of the bed and watched. She asked me if he could join in, and I agreed, secretly wanting to see him naked anyway. It was too dark to really see much and it was very awkward, he made sure not to come into contact with me at all that night. That was the beginning of my realization that I could no longer deny who I was. I was more interested in watching him, than my girlfriend.

A week later, I found a pregnancy test in the trash that was positive. She told me not to worry, that it had been taken care of. I also found out that she had been cheating on me with another guy from town(If she had gone through with the pregnancy, who knows who the baby would have belonged to). It came at the right time to break up with her without having to say I was gay.

As, I learned with Heroes this season, this is a good place to say “To Be Continued…!” 🙂 Can’t put all the good stuff in one post! Look for more next week.

Meme: Why Velma Stalks Erasure on a Rollercoaster While Eating Cocoa Lucky Charms?

Howard recently did a twist on the meme that had been passed on to him. He asked his readers to indicate they wanted to be tagged and then he would send them five questions based on his research into that person’s blog. Here’s what he sent:

1. What did Vince and Andy ever do to you to make you stalk them?

They wrote the first song that I ever had an emotional attachment to. I was sitting in ConTeCo (that was the student center snack bar at my college) and this song came on the jukebox that just hit an accord with me immediately. I had to run over to the machine and see who it was. I had heard of Erasure before as their song “Chains of Love” was such a big hit the year before I went off to college. But it was their, at the time, lesser known “A Little Respect,” that I had heard. The funny thing is, now, the latter is pretty much the only one I hear on the radio.

I had come to the college wrestling with my being gay, figuring the college would help me get over it (but that’s another whole post, that is in the works). Something about the lyrics started the fire that kindled in me for a few years before coming out. I immediately bought The Innocents, and then Wild was my selection of the month from Columbia House so I bought it. Then in my printing class, I met another student that was a huge fan, and she introduced me to the back catalog I didn’t know about. The rest is history now!

Still after 6 concerts, I have not managed to meet them in person. Someday! someday

2. If you could be any Scooby-Doo character, which would it be?

Well, I thought about it, and being that Dan said the same thing, I would have to say Velma. I would have to say it’s mostly cause no one ever listens to me.

3. You can make your own custom Magic 8-Ball. Tell us 5 of your answers.

He’s a Major Geek!

Sorry… Not this month, or the next, hell, just try again next year.
(well, I guess that no longer applies to me!)

Is it more than 2 hours long?

Only if it comes with 0% financing!

I’m sorry, were you talking again?

4. Cocoa-Puffs or Lucky Charms? Why?

Well, that one is an easy one! Cocoa Lucky Charms! 🙂 You get the chocolaty milk to drink up at the end, but still get those wonderfully delicious stale marshmallows! And you know, Lucky, They say, once you go chocolate, you never go back! Of course if “they,” whoever that is, were right, I wouldn’t be with Dan now.

5. How many loops in a roller coaster would it take for your chili fries to come back up?

I haven’t met a coaster that I couldn’t handle… I think the most I’ve been on is 7, and that didn’t seem to bother me. I look forward to seeing what new concoctions the amusement industry throws our way! I still need to make it on Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point! The one that launches you from zero to 120 mph in like 5 seconds, up into the sky 400+ feet and plunging you back straight down through a spiral! Damn it for being closed every time I have been there!

In all honesty, it’s not the coasters that get me, it’s the rides that spin me around and around that I will not go on, i.e. the Tilt-a-Hurl, or the Spewcups. But some of that was from the out-of-control employee party where we were all blitzed, and one of the park supervisors had the great idea to put us all on the teacups. Left us going for 15 minutes straight! I think that was the closest I ever came to puking, and if it hadn’t been for park security coming by, and the supervisor turning off the ride so we didn’t get caught, I probably would have!

Wanna play now? Here’s how:

* Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
* I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
* You update your blog with the answers to the questions.
* You include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
* When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
* Rinse. Repeat.

Ooh, This Would Be Nice At Work!

usb_fridge_front.jpgI found this cute little gadget at Gizmodo. I would love to have this at my desk. I don’t like leaving my soda in the fridge here since we have little thieves running around the office, but then my soda is warm come lunch time! Gotta have something to keep my Pepsi Lime stash cold at work! Might have to think about it next paycheck! 🙂

Weekly Blog-O-Sphere Tid-Bits – May 20th, 2007

First off, a few none web related tid-bits from this weekend: 🙂

A great tip for those of you trying to save money and love movies! The Cherry Creek Theater‘s movies are all $4 if you go before noon 7 days a week! We went and saw Shrek The Third, and were shocked when it was $8 for the two of us! If you want some great laughs, Shrek is pretty funny! Great animation, just go in knowing the storyline is kinda lame.

This weekend, our odd neighbor across the street from us had a visitor. The scary part was that they were out working on his car, and the visitor was in nothing but his speedo! It was a tad bit disturbing!

Ok, on with the Blog-O-Sphere!

From Gizmodo, If every motorcycle were like this I would be much happier!

I don’t know exactly when released these new widgets, but they are very cool, and way more informative than the old ones! If the song has a little play button next to it, you can listen to 30 seconds of that song! I have replaced my iPod playlist for this new widget!

Fastlad brings us this great music video from Fujiya & Miyagi

Bossy apparently has the same feelings about change as I do.

My bf, Dan, overheard this wonderful converstation at Noodles this past week.

Ryan has a great post on his feelings about Falwell’s passing this past week.

Howard posted a podcast of his hilarious post about the Bella Sara Horse Trading Cards.

Am I the Only One Seeing Something Wrong Here?

Apparently, Us Homosexuals are lower than dogs! Today, at the Aspen Grove’s “Lifestyle” Center, they tried to set a record for the most dogs to be wed at one time. I didn’t hear any about any protests that this was blasphemous to the practice of marriage. Yet, gays and lesbians are still denied this right that is apparently now reserved for man and woman, and dogs if you happen to be of the canine persuasion!

Maybe I am wrong, but the “definition” of marriage that the right wing is trying to push is between one man and one woman… To me, that would mean that dogs are just not in that category! They are neither man or woman… they are just bitches! How does THIS not make a mockery of marriage?

My favorite part of the article? This quote right here:

“It was time to make it legal. Dezi is totally in love with Lucy,” she said. “They are both almost two years old and they’ve been living together the whole time.”

That’s all that many of us in the GLBT community have been trying to do for years now!

Only 4 Days to Go Till The Light At the End of the World!

cdstumm285.jpgFor those of you in the UK you only have 3 more days. May 21st in the UK, Erasure’s new album “Light at the End of the World” will be released. For those of us in the US, we have to wait one more day. May 22nd.

You can listen to a sampling of the album here!

You can order the Special Edition version from Amazon for $12.99… that’s cheaper than the regular version!

I am very excited! And only 22 days now till the concert!

Welcome Visitors From Scott-O-Rama!

I want to thank Scott-O-Rama for featuring me on his blog of the week today. I also want to take this opportunity to welcome those of you visiting from his site!

I’d like to give credit to a few people out there that have made this all possible.

Howard @ The Web Pen: He has been a big help in figuring out the html coding that goes into a self hosted blog. I have learned quite a bit, thanks to his help.

Julien De Luca: For his beautiful Freshy 2 theme I am using on my site. It is still in beta so there are a few hiccups still, but hopefully the final version will be out soon to addres those.

Dusty: For the beautiful header he has created for my blog. It really helped take this site to that next level!

I hope you enjoy your time here and find things of interest and hope that you will return. Everything pertaining to my blog and I can be found in the left sidebar, and please be sure to check out some of the great blogs I visit daily in my right sidebar! I’d love to know where all of you are visitng from on my guest map!

Will She Ever Learn?

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I heard a loud crash in the living room. I knew that it meant one thing… That my cats were getting in trouble again!

I came into the living room just in time to see Prezley come stumbling out from behind the entertainment center. I also noticed the Wii sensor bar lying on the floor… two and two tells me that she had a lapse in memory from when she tried jumping on top of my computer monitor the day I switched to a flat panel monitor about 4 years ago!

p.s. Don’t worry, the TV is ok! 🙂