Tagged From the Game Room!

I was tagged by me boyfriend.

Three Things That Scare Me:
1. Heights except when strapped into a roller coaster
2. Spiders
3. And yes, like Dan…. CLOWNS! (scarriest thing of all!)

Three People Who Make Me Laugh:
1. Dan (More than I thought I could possibly be able to laugh!)
2. Howard
3. Waldo (I know, he’s a cat, but still!)

Three Things I Love:
1. Roller Coasters
2. Chocolate
3. Dan (Duh)

Three Things I Hate/Severely Dislike:
1. Pants hanging down around guys knees
2. The WWF
3. Birds

Three Things I Don’t Understand:
1. Why people driving Cavaliers always seem to be jerks on the road?
2. Homophobia (How does my life really impact those people?)
3. HTML coding and how to make it work right (although the blog is helping that).

Three Things On My Desk:
1. My iDog
2. Candy Sticks
3. Two tickets to Colorado Crush

Three Things I’m Doing Right Now:
1. Trying to recover from a Migraine and sore throat
2. Watching Ellen (who is also bedridden right now)
3. Drinking my OJ with Ginger Ale

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1. Finish Travelling all over Europe
2. Meet Erasure in Person
3. Retire in England

Three Things I Can Do:
1. Fall asleep anywhere
2. Repair Dan’s Laptop and iPod

Three Things I Can’t Do:
1. Cook Well (except my spaghetti)
2. Wink correctly
3. Remember people’s names

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To:
1. Sia
2. Your instincts
3. Your Friends

Three Things You Should Never Listen To:
1. Celine Dion (Totally, Dan!)
2. People that tell you that you are a bad person.
3. Politicians

Three Things I’d Like To Learn:
1. How to build an addition on to our house (Obviously once I get other things addressed here).
2. To take better care of myself.
3. Not to stress about things so much.

Three Favourite Foods:
1. Spaghetti
2. Chipotle
3. Chocolate

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid:
1. Alf
2. Automan
3. Dukes of Hazzard

Three Things I Regret:
1. Not coming out to my family sooner
2. Loosing contact with friends from College
3. Hmm… nothing else comes to mind right now.

Three People I Tag
1. Howard
2. Ryan
3. Dusty

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4 comments on “Tagged From the Game Room!

  1. Automan. Yes. That brilliant 1980’s Desi Arnaz Jr vehicle.

    Useless trivia: Chuck Wagner, the original Rapunzel’s Prince in “Into the Woods,” was Automan.

    Heh. Cursor.

  2. Howard: sorry 😈

    Bossy: I’ve just always found them to be… oh should I say it?… um yeah, foul 😉

    Kevin: I’m glad someone remember’s that show! 🙂 It was so short lived, but I had the hots for Automan! And surprisingly, I actually knew that useless trivia because I was trying to research the show, and came across his personal site.

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