The Big Four-Oh-My!

As Howard pointed out in his wonderful tribute post to our friendship, it has been over 10 years now since we first met back at TNML (Tuesday Night Men’s League) Gay Bowling.

He has truly been there for me these many years, and today he turned 40! To see him, and talk with him you would never know, his animated personality definitely has him coming across much younger than that! (And that’s not a bad thing!) I will never forget interrupting your visit to the can when I sliced my hand open and you thought I was kidding as I stood in the hall of the apartments bleeding profusely!

You have been a faithful friend to me and a great companion to my cats over the years when I go on vacation, although we did learn that I can’t go for more than 5 days or Waldo poos on the bed in anger! (Sorry you had that happen to you!) So often before you was the habit of a friend coming in to my life for a while and then disappearing and loosing touch.

You have been a great encouragement to me as I continue to evolve my blog, and writing, always being supportive and complimentary towards my progress! Even before the improv troupe you were always able to bring a smile to my face and make me laugh! I have been grateful to all the great music you have introduced me to over the years, expanding my taste from more than Erasure! 😉 Here’s to many more decades of a great friendship!!!

I look forward to Spider-man 3 tomorrow night and a fantastic party on Saturday in celebration of you! In honor of your birthday, I want to remind you of a great birthday from 5 years ago! I recently got a bunch of rolls of film developed from before the age of my digital camera… Among the many pictures were pictures of my condo before I moved in, and before any renovation had been done to it at all… But more importantly, I found the cake that Lorne and I got for your 35th birthday! The year he and I went all out on your Pokachu themed birthday!

Click Here to see the uncensored version of the photo! (Definitely NSFW!)


6 comments on “The Big Four-Oh-My!

  1. And I don’t even like Pokemon that much, but I appreciated the cartoon-themed efforts. This was very sweet of you. Thank you very much.

    (Psst, the censored picture links to the censored picture)

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  3. Bossy’s local supermarket just never has cakes like that in their dessert case. Stupid suburbs! (Happy birthday celebration y’all.)

  4. I’m surprised! We found this at our local Safeway! 😉

    Just kidding… No, it was at a place called La Bakery Sensual

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