A Great Weekend!

Saturday was Howard‘s birthday party. Hot Dr’s Wife over at Green Apple Martini was nice enough to host the party at their beautiful home. They have an aquarium to end all aquariums! It is a 550 gallon salt water with all kinds of tropical fish and live coral, even a giant clam! it looked like something out of the zoo! Howard got his present from all of us, and lets just say, he will be able to get his new computer a lot sooner than he had thought! πŸ™‚ Thanks for a great evening! It was great to meet up with all you blogger folk!

newlight.jpgSunday, Dan and I went shopping. He wanted a new phone, and I was after a new light for the kitchen. Dan ended up with a new Red Blackberry Pearl. It is a very nice looking phone, and I would have probably considered it, had it been around when I got my last phone. We also went to Home Depot so I could make use of Dusty and Glen’s birthday present (Thanks you two!). We had one of those crappy lights that just has the exposed round flourescent bulbs in it. I always have found them tacky. Dan was reluctant to give it up, but when I showed him the light I had in mind, he warmed up quickly to it! It is way brighter than the light that was there before and it improves the look of the kitchen!

tv.jpgThat night, I went out and finally splurged on my congratulatory present I have been wanting to get for finally selling the condo! I hadn’t planned on getting such a nice one, but I got a great deal on a floor model and a special event for exclusive Best Buy members. I saved almost $1000 off the original price. I had been looking at a cheapo 37″ at Target, but decided to go to this event and do some reserach. I went because there were give-aways, I had no intention of actually buying a tv… But, when I saw the opportunity to get a name brand 40″ for such a great price, I decided to bite the bullet, and go HD. Now I have to work on getting my cable upgraded as it doesn’t handle the analog signal I currently have since I don’t have digital cable. The best part is that I got triple points on my rewards and 18 months no finance! So it should be paid of in no time, and the triple points will get me the new DVD player we need since our current one doesn’t like most DVDs anymore. I’m not ready to go Blue-Ray or HD yet, just an upconverting player, those are less than $100.

So, I guess that means the next Wii party will be at our house! πŸ™‚


4 comments on “A Great Weekend!

  1. Like MONTHS sooner. You guys are far too nice. I should be able to finally get my huge thank you post up tonight.

    The TV looks great! Can’t wait to play Wii on it. πŸ™‚

    Actually, the light fixture is tres cool! I like it.

  2. Yeah, we invested two years ago in a 42-inch LCD and have never regretted it. We bought a sooper-dooper full cinema sound system at the same time, speakers all over the living room. So we can have the full popcorn movie experience any time we like, and when HD came in last year, the TV was already HD-enabled for when the technology kicked off over here, so we were among the first to subscribe to Sky HD and still get a buzz watching HD movies. The picture quality is the first thing you notice but the sound, too, is way better than anything heard before. Total cost of all this, though, was far more than a brand new car. Then, I can’t drive. D can. I never have. πŸ™‚

    The tank sounds fabulous. We have two tanks – one is a five-foot long containing our terrapins (that’s red-eared slider turtles to you folks in the US) and their little island, while the other is a more modest two-foot tank containing lots of tiny but colourful tropicals. We DO have a zoo, of course. D can only look on and groan at the fact that I now have my heart set on buying an egloo (look that up online, they are so cool) and keeping chickens. But much as I’d like to start doing that, we need to buy our own place or at least move to a bigger one with a decent back garden fence. As it stands, if we got chickens now they’d be off into the woods all the time getting lost.

    If you check out that site, you’ll probably be as surprised as I was how many breeds there are. Just like dogs and cats. This all started when I found a local guy sells free range eggs and honey, with a chicken coop and fleet of beehives in the grounds of his (incredibly huge) house just down the road.

    Last but not least, lights – we are in the process of changing all our lights throughout the house to eco-friendly ones. They’re like little clusters of fluorescent tubes, four to a ‘hub’ as it were. They should save us a fortune over time and apparently last up to six years. Most normal bulbs flake out within months. x

  3. Howard: I am glad I was able to help out! I look forward to seeing which one you get!

    Bossy: Sounds like you should pop a cap in that little one!

    Andy: Yeah, now that the HD is hooked up here, I just can’t believe the difference! It is so amazing! I will send you some pictures of the aquarium!

    Chickens eh? Sounds like a lot of work! πŸ™‚

    We have for the most part converted over to either halogen or florescent, there are only a few fixtures that can’t handle them.

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